How to appear on the first page on Google: the main steps

How to appear on the first page on Google: the main steps

As I explain also on , If you want to achieve the first search results on Google you must put into practice a precise process that we can divide into 3 steps:

  • Choose the topic and keywords for which you want to be on the front page. For an effective positioning they will have to be words with a lot of research but with low competitiveness, or at least with a competitiveness that you can face.
  • Optimize your site and its web pages to make Google understand exactly what it is talking about, what topics it is related to and to convince the search engine that this is a quality site.
  • Get links from other websites to give them authoritativeness in the eyes of the search engine and improve their visibility.

Let's see, then, how to proceed to put these three operations into practice.

Choice of keywords

The keywords are those that users search on the web and bring them to your site. For this reason it is important to choose them carefully, so as to position themselves on the front page for the most effective ones .

In fact, in recent times websites tend to position themselves more and more for " topics ", which for single keywords.

This means, in practice, that the same page, the same content, can be positioned for tens and hundreds of different keywords . This is because of the progress made by the search engine at the level of understanding content: Google begins to understand what we speak on a web page, and associates that web page with a series of keywords related to the same topic .

This makes you understand, therefore, the importance of a careful choice of keywordsand topics for positioning on Google, a crucial operation to be able to find potential customers who looking for a given set of words can get directly to your website .

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