Guide: SEO optimization of a web page

Guide: SEO optimization of a web page

If they told you that you need to optimize your site's web pages to scale up Google's SERP, you'll be wondering, " What should I do to optimize a webpage? ".

Well, well … this is probably the subject I care about most, so get comfortable and concentrate: today I'll give you a little basic guide to make a SEO friendly web page in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Ready? Let's begin!

How to design an SEO strategy

All the SEO optimization activity takes place as a result of a preliminary analysis of the current state of the site, in particular of the texts and keywords for which we intend to position our web page. To simplify, we need to understand for which keywords the web page in question will have to appear in SERP.

Thinking about the ideal keywords can be very simple and obvious, but the real job for those who do SEO by profession is to identify those keywords that are really useful and performing for the business, those that make the difference.

Users search by typing different types of queries : there are those looking for a specific product, those looking for the name of the brand or those looking for more information. The SEO expert creates a strategy to optimize the website for the keywords that have the best chance to convert and bring qualified traffic.

Step 1: Title tag

The Tag Title is the basis for an SEO optimization of a web page, as Google (but also the other search engines) give much importance to this factor.

The Tag Title is nothing more than the title of the web page , so try to make sure that inside it is communicated directly the content of the page. Moreover, it is essential that you insert the main keyword of your SEO strategy, so as to favor the positioning of the page.

The persuasion is equally important, so do not think only the keyword, but put the user's hand and tries to create a Title Tag is not too long, but short and inviting, in short, by a good reason to click on your user page ! If you want to deepen I suggest you read my article on persuasion applicable to websites 😉

Google provides parameters to be met when talking about Tag Title:

  • Each web page must have its own unique Tag Title (not used in other pages)
  • Not too many keywords inside
  • The Tag Title must be descriptive
  • 65-70 characters in length

Another rule that I want to give you is: structure the Tag Title well thinking that every web page has a specific goal , then it is concrete and reasons before writing!

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