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About Us – Latma 

We are a group of journalists and writers who became fed up with the Israeli media. We grew tired with screaming at the television screen, getting upset over a biased newspaper article. We felt frustrated with the tiny group of journalists who are in control of the Israeli media, pretending they, and they only are the ones to be trusted. We concluded that the only way to improve the public discourse is to expose the real face of journalism, and the news as a whole. 

We decided to take action and formed “Latma” - an Israeli media criticism website that produces a weekly satirical news show.  

Latma was handed the “Israel Media Watch 2011” prize, a prestigious award that is handed to organizations that make courageous, meaningful, and quality contributions towards the criticism of the media in Israel. 

It was chosen by an online poll involving over 4,000 voters. According to Israel Media Watch, Latma brings balance to the left-wing bias of mainstream Israeli satire.

Caroline Glick

Chief Editor

Deputy managing editor of The Jerusalem Post, journalist and publicist, Senior Fellow for Middle East Affairs of the Washington D.C.-based Center for Security Policy.                                              

Shlomo Blass

Head Director

CEO of Rogatka, a company specializing in web based content. Bachelor degree in history and communication from the Hebrew University, Married and father of two.

shlomo blass

Shuky Blass


Writer and analysit, Graduate of the Hebrew University in International Relations. currently pursuing a PHD in general history from the Hebrew University, Married and father of three.

שוקי בלס

Avishai Ivri


Journalist (Kol Ha'ir, Makor Rishon, The Seventh Eye), screenwriter and publicist.

אבישי עברי

Tal Gilad


Screenwriter, lecturer and and auther. Wrote for many leading satirical Israeli television shows as well as for many stage acts.

טל גלעד

Yehuda Safra



יהודה ספרא

Aviv Karsutzki



אביב קרסוצקי

Yaniv Karsutzki



יניב קרסוצקי






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